Sunday, August 29, 2010

LAS Gathering of 2010

The Gathering of 2010 will be held this Saturday (September 4) from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. All ex-members are welcomed to join us!

Hope to see everyone there!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Annual General Meeting

Friday. One week after camp. That would be our annual, well, Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Unfortunately, we were able to start voting only after the afternoon session went off to the hall. After watching the video clip made by the (just then) Ex-Cos, we still had a little more time left so we got through pretty much all the other videos of camp. We also had a little prize-giving session for the job we did with naming the plants around school and giving them a miniature board. Kit Yan and Hui Qing won.

Finally, the moment was here and with suspense and laughter, we were told the results, starting from the bottom. Here’s the list:

Chee Kit Yan

Naib Pengerusi
Pang Jian Yong

Tan Joo Seng

Pen. Setiausaha
Janice Choo L.M.

Chong Xin Hong

Pen. Bendahari
Hong Yew Wei

Ketua Taman Sumber
Lee Yin Yan

Pen. K. Taman Sumber
Wong Jo Wie

Ketua Disiplin
Ong Ann Kee

Ketua Publisiti
Ang Hui Qing

Ketua Peralatan
Teoh Khai Jieh

And there ye have it; the committee list for the years 2010-2011.
If you haven't caught on, the list goes as post, name, class, contact number then e-mail.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Teh 2010 Camp to Dusun Eco

Lunch packets and luggage dangling by our sides, we made our way to the petrol station where the bus awaited our arrival—well, that was what we thought. The bus came late.

Everyone was on our way to LAS Camp 2010. We eventually do make it to Dusun Eco, our camp site. After settling down in our designated hall and bundling our bags at a corner, we started the ice-breaking session by introducing ourselves. This was followed by several games, one of which was not unlike Bingo. After the enjoyable session, we stowed our bags in our cabins and returned for the treasure hunt which was to function around the hall. From math questions and drinking bottles of carbonated drinks from conjoined straws, we did it all, with some teams working faster and more efficient than others.

We were supposed to go jungle trekking in the, well, jungle after dinner but it just so happened to rain. So, instead, we had a change of schedule and it was decided that we had talent night now. After nearly two hours of discussion, practice, creativity and teamwork, the teams were set and ready to perform. But then again, that was never the case. There were team performances with moments that ranged from pure genius, creativity and greatness to plain ridicule, shock and awkwardness. One thing could be said about everyone though: we impressed the audience. Pole dancing and solos were everywhere. It was an amusing night but it was getting late so we retired to bed.

Next morning, we gathered near dawn and ate breakfast before making our way to the obstacle course. Word of the wise: this year’s camp activities are rather extreme compared with the previous one and even those further back from what I heard. This is somewhat pointed at the obstacle course. With higher walls to scale and steeper angles to climb, fall and balance, everyone was challenging themselves at least a little. Those who once believed they were unable to achieve such great heights (a little literally) received much encouragement from friends and reached the end of the line with claps and whoops. A highlight of this year’s obstacle course was the mud and (clean) water we had to crawl through, some scrapping themselves in the process while the guys got mouthfuls of pale brown water.

After that was the flying fox, an essentiality for any one camp. Before that though, we had to walk on the Vietnam Bridge. With the combination of cable set far apart and a dizzying drop, it was not particularly what one would call the ideal bridge. Oh, we also lacked any safety gear. But of course, the staff knew what they were doing. To ensure the customers’ safety, there was a safety net and even planks to rest on if one got too queasy. The flying fox was not as extreme as the bridge but it was still a blast to zip down with a friend by your side. Sometimes, there might even be strangers waving and cheering from below.

Once everyone was through with lunch, we had a little break to change into fresh clothes and clean ourselves up a bit if we wanted to. It was recommended that we simply squeezed off the water from the crawling though. We were about to play water games and after that, things were going to get messy. The two water games we enjoyed were simple. The first one involved everyone holding three balloons and, with everyone out for themselves, balloon-popping. Laughter and squeals sounded in the shallow pool as balloons exploded. Suddenly, there was a cry and someone shouted “snake!” Those in the pool were quickly ushered out safely and the snake pointed out. With a few calls and (very, very unfortunately) the killing of the little black serpent by a staff, we resumed our activities. The next game was not unlike Eagle Catch Chicks (literal translation), which was something the Ex-Cos had not noticed. It was a while later that a long line of “fishes” were formed and captured, with Brenda the swimmer successfully evading the “fisherman”. After the games were over, everyone was left to his or her own devices in the pool and just enjoy themselves with splashes. Once everyone was eventually out, we went out back and started the flour game, in which everyone had at least a little flour on them. Flour was thrown on heads, bodies, and clothes and even inside that. We were allowed to have a short free-tossing session after the game ended as we still had flour left. As it started to rain, we quickly made our way back to our dorms for a shower before the barbeque dinner.

Turns out, the barbeque dinner did not exactly entail “cook your own burnt food and hope to not burn down the place”. Instead, it was more like “eat the barbeque food we made and keep away from fire”. But one has to admit; the food was good and compensates for us not doing it ourselves. Besides, they could not really have let us build a real fire and risk seriously burning something down. Not to mention the extra air pollution from the smoke if we had done it ourselves.

After the dinner was jungle trekking. We briefed on the standard stuff. You know: no shining your torchlight at the trees, no loud talking, do not use one another’s real names, no retracing your steps once in and all that. Real non-ominous/creepy things. It was extremely tough though; even the guys had their struggles. It started simple enough with us going up and down gentle slopes. After a couple checkpoints though, the tough got going. We were going downhill at about 80 degrees of an angle with only ropes and trees to cling onto and the nooks and crannies formed by the constant passing of feet. The majority of us were sweating rather profusely. On top of that, it was drizzling, which did not particularly improve the condition of the dirt ground. In fact, it simply made the ground muddier and slightly slippery. At the end of it all, we turned up at the other side of the resort. Everyone was beaten and exhausted, ready to retire to the cozier interior of their dorms, but there were fans of (you guessed it) World Cup eager to watch the match between Argentina and Germany (I think). Just a while after we were sent off to bed, someone came back reporting there was a snake near the dorms. After some time, it was taken care of by the staff of Dusun Eco.

The next day, we had abseiling and repelling. The abseiling part happened to be just us climbing up the stairs to the top. Not really abseiling but, at that height (about three stories), it was half the challenge. Two of the most memorable people in action seemed to be Yee Teng, who went down in about thirty or less seconds. The greatest one however, appeared to be Brenda, who made her way down in twenty seconds. After that, we had the closing ceremony in which people won prizes like “most sociable”, “most talented”, “best camper”, all that. Prizes from games were also distributed. After that was packing and returning to school.

To sum things up, it was pretty darn great.

(Photos/videos will be uploaded when I get my hands on them.)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Hour of Darkness

Here's a reminder for Earth hour which will happen tomorrow night (27th April) at 8.30pm.

Support this meaningful event by switching off all your lights, demonstrating that by working together, we can all make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Check out some Facebook pages which can tell you all about Earth Hour :

Earth Hour Malaysia 2010

Earth Hour Event Page

UM Earth Hour

Ketua Publisiti,
Ying Ying

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good luck, everyone, on the coming exams!

Ketua Publisiti,
Ying Ying :)